November 6-12, 2011


I.               The President would like to thank all Student Government members for attending the dinner with Chancellor Person, Dr. Sekelsky, and Dr. Young.  “The University Affairs Committee has done an excellent job in making all dinner arrangements”.

II.              The President hopes that members of Student Government have had a great opportunity to get to know our executive officers a bit more. “It crucial that we get to know them because we will have to work with them throughout the year. It is in our best interest to find out how to approach them from the best angle”.

III.            President Andrez also wants to thank the University Relations Committee for putting together the “State of the Students Address”. The event went well and attendance was also high. “I want to advice you all that the university administration has shown that they have respect for us. Many executive officers, deans, faculty, and other staff members were present at the ‘State of the Students Address’. It is crucial that we keep following our commitments. Many people gave complements about how good of a job we have done. I feel extremely proud of all members on Student Government. We were able to show great progress on our projects, and also we showed that we have tangible and reasonable goals in mind”.

IV.            A meeting has been scheduled with Mr.Tim Barden from facilities on November 22, 2011 for President Andrez to tour on our campus energy plant. 


Vice President

V.              The Vice-President would like to thank all of Student Government for attending the Chancellor Dinner and the University Affairs committee for doing a great job planning, hosting, and making it happen.

VI.            I would like to thank all of the Senators, Executive Board members for a job well done so far, and to continue that as we move forward.

VII.           The water bottle fillers are a huge success and would urge the Senate to push forward with more being installed on campus from additional funding from SG. That being said, it will be under new business. On that note, John from Dining Services has agreed on cutting his SmartWater brand line in an effort to move away from plastic water bottles.

VIII.         As my time draws near, I would like to create and chair a search committee for the Vice-President position, and this committee would give a recommendation to the President, Senate, and Executive Board in regards to who the next Vice-President will be.

IX.            Still waiting on Dr. Freedman from the faculty council in regards to presenting the course evaluation presentation to them.

X.              Working on November newsletter, if you have any content let me know so that I can put it on there.

XI.            Will be presenting the amendments to the Unified Student Code and will urge that Senate vote on it next week.

XII.           Seeking cell phone chargers for the phone charging station, this way we don’t have to buy any.

XIII.         Got in contact with the MTA in regards of the Bus dimensions for University Relations, they are working on the design as we speak.

XIV.         Will be working with Jessie on the Holiday Food Drive, so that we can be the top producing school.

Administrative Affairs

No Report


Financial Affairs

I.                                 Fanimania, allocated for $85.

II.                                Chinese Student Association, allocated $550.

III.                              Philanthropy, postponed

IV.                              Stage Combat, postponed


Government and Legal Affairs

No report


 Student Organization and Partnership Board

No report


Student Relations

I.              The State of the Student Address was very successful, thanks to those who helped plan it with everyone’s support.



I.              Technology is working on updating and integrating the form assembly forms into the SG main web site. Further, senator Kristal is working on getting bios and pictures compiled for the site as well. Let him know if you have any more questions.


University Relations

XV.           The University Affairs Committee would like to thank everyone for coming to the Chancellor Dinner.

XVI.         The University Affairs Committee will continue to work on the Texting program throughout the week.

XVII.        The University Affairs Committee will be updating the social media pages and come up with a schedule to do so.


Advisor Report

I.               The Holiday Food Drive kickoff is next Friday the 18th, 5:30AM at the Kettering Campus (ABC12)

II.              Good job with the State of the Student Address. Jessie appreciates all of your efforts.

III.            Pay-board should be conducted ASAP to ensure everyone receives a check for their service before 12/24/11.




With this semester almost half over, the last thing most of us want to think about is Winter Semester, but registration is just a week and a half away.  Make sure to get those advising appointments scheduled!!!

Winter 2012 Early Registration


Seniors 100+ hours/Grads

Nov. 9, 8:00 am

Seniors 85 - 99 hours

Nov. 11, 8:00 am

Juniors  55 - 84 hours

Nov. 15, 8:00 am

Sophomores 25 - 54 hours

Nov. 17, 8:00 am

Freshman  0-24 hours

Nov. 21, 8:00 am


Nov. 23, 8:00 am 

Open Registration

Nov. 28, 8:00 am – Jan. 2, 2012, 11:59 pm


Khobeir Reports Week 2


Good afternoon Regents, President Cole,am and Executive Officers of the University of Michigan, 

On behalf of our student body, I would like to welcome you back to our lovely Riverfront Campus. We are all very pleased to see you here.  There have been many good things that have happened since your last visit.  I will be happy to share some f the things that Student Government has done so far.

1) We have expanded the usage of social media outlets and added more resources to our Student Government website in order to reach out to more students.
2) We successfully collected signatures from many students during our September campaign to express our concern over government funding towards higher education. 
3) We also met with residential students, and we now are working with our administrators to expand dining options on our campus.
4) We have asked the Thompson Library staff to expand the hours of operation to accommodate our late-night crowd.
5) We have contributed to fund a new resource room in the library that will allow students to use state-of-the-art technology equipment that will help them with their projects.
6) We have been working with our administrators to increase student governance on our campus by forming and advisory committee with the Provost as wel.
7) And lastly, we have plans to address sustainability issues on our campus by reducing waste of bottled-water.

These are just a few remarks that I can bring to your attention this afternoon.  We are very eager too accomplish much more as the academic year progresses. For that, I would like to thank our administration, our faculty, and our dedicated staff, for their continuing support for guiding and helping us overcome the challenges we must face.

As a closing remark, University of Michigan students are leaders and citizens who will challenge the resent and enrich the future.  Indeed, this statement is very true for our campus community.  As you walked through our buildings, you might have noticed a few improvements that have been made.  The physical changes, however, comprise only the tip of the iceberg.  The main changes are within the sacrifices that our students must make in order to be able to walk through these buildings.  We challenge ourselves each and every day to fulfill our needs, and we wil enrich the future of our community because we strongly believe that we can make our dreams come true despite environmental difficulties surrounding us.  Believe us; a small change on our campus can trigger very big and well desirable outcomes.  

Thank you for your time, and GO BLUE 


Today Academic Advising and Career Center will be hosting their annual career fair.  This is a great event for students of any grade level to attend.  You can have some very awesome chances to interact with the people that could be hiring you in a very informal setting.  If you’re on the prowl for a job this is a great chance to get names, and find out what these recruiters are looking for. 

Check out this link for more information:



Welcome back to another exciting week at UM-Flint.  Im sure you all have noticed all the improvements happening to our campus this month.  I can’t help but comment on these improvements, while Im very excited to see these happening, I for one will be super excited to see these finished!!!! 

This week the Black Student Union will be holding a Mayoral Debate between the two contenders for this up-coming election.  This is an exciting event for UM-Flint students to attend and become educated about the candidates!!!

Lots of change will be happening this year will be you part of it!!!

Director of University Affairs
Marcus Papin 


Hope you are all excited for our second meeting that we will be using our live tweet feed.  Hope you all check it out, your input is extremely important to us!!!!


Student Governement Weekly Update: 09-30-11


Student Government is currently working on a new campaign to try and encourage able bodied people to take the stairs.  This is a great initiative to get students more active.  This campus has a great amount of opportunities for us to get a workout.  The next time you hit that elevator button, think about this campaign!!!

Help us to keep campus beautiful.